Myndfuel Presents: 3-Level Keto Kickstart Program!

I joined the ‘4 week keto-kick start’ and found the programme to be easy to follow and the recipes quick to prepare. The one-on-one support from Lotte is invaluable and I achieved my goal to reduce bloating, Iose weight and gain energy!
— Participant previous Keto Kickstart Program

Over the last months, almost every evening and each weekend, we have put all our love, energy and joy into creating a new program! Today it’s time to share the first bits of what we’ve been working on. Inspired by amazing results from our previous participants, the valuable feedback we got and everything we learned from the Keto Kickstart Program, we created a completely brand new, improved, and expanded program to (re-)kickstart your keto journey. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced: this program helps you to take your keto journey to the next level!

So what is the program about, what’s new and who is it for? Continue reading to find answers to all these questions or watch the video below!


What is the Keto Kickstart Program about?

It all started with a brainstorm session about our mission statement and goals. Since Saahil has recently joined the team, it was time for a new start. Not only a new branding, but also a new program. Lots of Keto has run 3 Keto Kickstart Program in total, and with that, we had enough interesting insights to come up with an even better version.

The Myndfuel Keto Kickstart program is brought to life to bring you the absolute best support, resources and content to succeed on your keto journey. To make sure you experience the power of a low-carb lifestyle and thrive in all areas of life!

Benefits you can expect to notice during and after the program

  • Weight loss

  • Increased energy levels

  • More mental clarity

  • Less cravings and hunger

  • Less bloating

  • And way more!

Some of the amazing resources you’ll receive throughout the program

  • A 4-week meal plan with amazing yet simple keto recipes

  • Food shopping list

  • Kickoff webinar

  • Introduction information booklet

  • Weekly information emails

  • Cheat sheet for social situations

  • Access to a community with other participants

  • Worksheets such as goal setting, macro calculations and more

  • An information booklet on how to continue your keto journey

  • Possibilities to have 1-on-1 nutrition / coaching sessions with Registered Dietitian Lotte

  • And way more!

For whom is the Keto Kickstart Program?

The Keto Kickstart Program is created to help 3 different main target groups in reaching their keto-related health goals. These target groups are:

  • The beginner: this is for you, when you… are interested in the keto diet but never tried it, tried the keto diet but not for long or without experiencing the benefits or want to improve your current health behaviour to live a healthy vibrant life and achieve optimum health.

  • The intermediate: this is for you, when you… know the basic keto principles and have been doing keto for some time now but you’d like to take your keto game to the next level and learn more about the scientific background. By getting support from a Registered Dietitian, you’ll experience more amazing benefits than you have already experienced, and get new inspiration how you can personalize your keto journey.

  • The advanced: this is for you, when you… know all the principles of keto and have been following this lifestyle for a while now. You are an athlete or an individual who wants to receive a tailor-made personalized nutrition and coaching program, aimed at your specific individual needs. Including an introduction call, follow-up calls, supplementation check and more possibilities!

When is the new program starting?

The official kick off of our Keto Kickstart Program is in the beginning of September! Sign up below to hear more about the exact date.

Stay up-to-date about our official launch!

In the upcoming weeks we will share more information on our different packages. In addition, the first 5 participants to sign up will receive a 10% discount code!


Which level keto-er are you? ;)