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We provide 100% evidence-based content, supported by the latest research. We are on top of the latest research in the world of keto and low-carb.

paleo lifestyle

versus keto

Published on The Noakes Foundation

Written by lotte damen

During her 5-month internship at The Noakes Foundation, Lotte wrote on different relevant keto-related topics. In this blog, she extensively describes the difference between a paleo and a keto lifestyle.

Both lifestyles focus on eating wholesome foods, and a lower amount of carbohydrates but they differ from each other in their purpose. What’s more?

the ketogenic diet and depression

Published on The Noakes Foundation

Written by lotte damen

The relationship between nutrition and mental health is an important topic among health professionals. There is growing evidence that implementing a ketogenic lifestyle can have a positive affect on depression-related symptoms.

What is known about the link between ketones, neurotransmitters and depression?

the 4 main types of fat: good vs bad

Published on Funky Fat Foods

The Promising Future of MCT oil

Published on Lus Health Ingredients

written by lotte damen

On a keto or low-carb high-fat lifestyle, fat is your best friend. It is your primary energy source that allows your body to enter and maintain ketosis and covers 70-80% of your daily macros. However, this doesn’t mean you can just pick whatever type of fat you like.

So which types of fat should you include in your circle of friends, and which ones are not worth your attention?

Written by Lotte Damen and Rene van Hoorn

The Promising Future of MCT oil from a supplier’s and a dietitian’s perspective.

This article covers what MCT oil is, how your body digests it and how it plays a role in improving your health on a ketogenic lifestyle from a Dietitian’s perspective.


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