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THE TEAM THAT IS dedicated to helping you enjoy a mindful low-carb lifestyle to the fullest

‘‘Everyday we help individuals to make significant improvements to their health and wellbeing, something we are proud of.’’


chief keto coffee officer
Lotte damen

keto dietiste

Lotte is a Registered Keto Dietitian from The Netherlands, graduated in July 2018. With a curious, positive, energetic, and open-minded personality, she always seeks possibilities to grow. It was during her internship at The Noakes Foundation in Cape Town, that a keto lifestyle started intriguing her a lot as a powerful tool to become her best self.

As an enthusiastic long distance runner, she decided to give this lifestyle a shot. Now, she thrives extremely well on a keto lifestyle, and runs marathons in a fat-adapted state.

A keto lifestyle has brought her so much more and to light up others, she decided to specialise with the aim to help others to become their best versions too. Therefore, she completed the online course: professional training in Low-Carbohydrate High-Fat / Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment online training.

It is her mission to inspire as many people as possible to fuel their body & mind with the absolute best sources. 


chief avocado monster

Lotte and Saahil met through keto in the Summer of 2018 and by then already figured out they wanted to share their passion with others.

Saahil started his own keto & Self Development journey in 2017. Not only has he been shedding twelve kilos of body fat while gaining quality muscles, he also notices a large boost in his mental performances. He now combines eating keto with Intermittent Fasting, and power lifting.

Besides his passion for keto, Saahil loves to spend hours in the kitchen to prepare the most delicious (Indian) recipes. In addition, he is a successful Customer Success Strategist who loves to coach people and businesses to perform at their best. In addition, mindset development and spirituality play a very important role in his life.

According to Saahil, combining a keto lifestyle with fueling your mind with positive energy, is the most powerful way to grow into the successful person you aspire to be.


mindful health enthusiast
josie ng

Josie is a certified yoga teacher, zero-waste enthusiast, Reiki practitioner and a holistic health coach in training. She helps the modern day human to become the best version of themselves — by bringing the Mind, Body, and Spirit, into happy harmony.

Currently residing on the beautiful island of Hong Kong, you will often find her making friends with every stray kitty on the street, stretching at the local yoga studio, or eating her way throughout whichever country she finds herself in.

For Myndfuel, Josie writes on different health-related topics, always from the heart. This, with the aim to make your health journey more fun, mindful, ánd simple.


photographer by heart
dion damen

Dion finished his international business study focussed on the Asian market in 2017. However his heart is at the Dutch beach right now, where he works at a beach restaurant. Seeing the most beautiful sunsets every night while working makes him appreciatie life and fuel his mind with positivity. 

He also likes to live a healthy lifestyle by going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week. Besides working out, Dion also has a big love for coffee, food, and traveling. 

In the winter of 2018 he traveled through 7 different countries in Asia where he discovered he really enjoyed photography. After receiving a lot of positive feedback on his pictures he grew the confidence to help Lotte out.