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Here you can find high-quality books, movies, and other resources that support our low-carb approach for achieving overall better health and treating certain health conditions.



the magic pill


The magic pill - Netflix

An eye-opener when it comes to embracing fats as your primary fuel.

What if most of our modern diseases are really just symptoms of the same problem? The Magic Pill is a character-driven documentary that follows doctors, patients, scientists, chefs, farmers and journalists from around the globe who are combating illness through a paradigm shift in eating. And this simple change -- embracing fat as our main fuel -- is showing profound promise in improving the health of people, animals and the planet.


This Australian documentary looks at hidden sugars in foods and the effect it can have on your body.

The documentary follows Damon Gameau who experiments on himself, changing from his normal diet containing no refined sugar, to a 'health-conscious' diet low in fat but high in sugar, equivalent to 200 grams (40 tsp) of sugar per day. He consumes the same amount of calories. As a result, Gameau gained weight, grew lethargic, and developed fatty liver disease.

that sugar film




heal - netflix

Very interesting documentary about the power of the human brain when it comes to healing the body.

Stories from spiritual leaders, physicians and those with chronic illnesses reveal the powerful connection between the human psyche and physical health.

A documentary that takes you on a scientific and spiritual journey where you discover that by changing your perceptions, the human body can possibly heal itself from any disease.


The art and science of low carbohydrate living - amazon

A must-have when you are new to a low-carbohydrate approach as a health-minded individual or as a healthcare professional.

This book teaches you the fundamental basics of a low-carbohydrate lifestyle, and what happens in your body when you switch from using carbs for fuel to using fats for fuel. Besides, you find many chapters with practical tips on how to implement a low-carb living.

Some topics covered in this book are:

  • Decreasing your carbohydrate intake is the key to managing insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes.

  • Natural-occurring saturated fats are not the demon when you are low-carb / fat adapted.

  • Dietary sugars and refined starches are not needed to feed your brain or fuel exercise. 

  • The importance of electrolytes and mineral management.

About the authors: Registered Dietitian Jeff Volek and Doctor Stephen Phinney share over 50 years of clinical experience using low carbohydrate diets, and together they have published more than 200 research papers and chapters on the topic.

the art and science of low-carb living (2011)

Dr. Jeff S. Volek & RD. Stephen D. Phinney

the art and science of low-carbohydrate performance (2012)

RD. Jeff S. Volek & Dr. Stephen D. Phinney

The Art and Science of Low-Carbohydrate Performance - amazon

Also a book from Jeff Volek and Stephen D. Phinney, but then focused on using a low-carbohydrate living for improved endurance performances. Do you believe in the claim that carbohydrates are the most efficient energy source for long-distance performances? Please read this book and tell me afterwards if you still believe in this.

This book has helped me so much during the preparation for my second marathon! It breaks down all the science on why carbohydrates are not the most efficient energy source when it comes to endurance performances.

Carbohydrate loading is not the answer to performing at your best during your marathon or other long-distance event. Becoming fat-adapted is. In understandable language, this book teaches you how to become a fat-adapted athlete and a fat-burning machine.

You learn everything about:

  • The details of relying on a carbohydrate tank for primary fuel versus a fat tank for primary fuel.

  • How to train your body to burn fat by simply changing your diet over a period of a few weeks, turning blood sugar and glycogen into secondary fuels.

  • The importance of electrolytes and mineral management.

Keto Clarity - amazon

In Keto Clarity, health blogger Jimmy Moore and researcher and internist Dr. Eric C. Westman explain the powerful therapeutic effects of a Ketogenic Diet. Their approach combines a customized carbohydrate restriction, moderation of protein intake, and real food-based fats - which is emerging in the scientific literature as a means for improving a wide range of diseases. Think about diseases such as Type 2 diabetes to Alzheimer’s. However, simply decreasing your carbohydrates isn’t enough.

In this book, they talk about (amongst way more other things):

  • The major difference between ketosis and ketoacidosis

  • How major health industries are united in their opposition to ketosis and a low-carb high-fat diet

  • The individuals carbohydrate tolerance level and how to find yours

  • Why saturated fats are important and have many health benefits

  • The role of intermittent fasting in a low-carb living

keto clarity (2014)

Jimmy Moore & Dr. Eric Westman

More books and movies will be added soon! We still have plenty on our to-read list :)