why the name myndfuel?

The name Myndfuel was born out of personal experiences, and stories from people following the low-carb lifestyle. Fuel stands for everything you’re fueling your mind and body with, not limited to nutrition. Why mynd? Well, Y not? ;) Also because the Y stands for You!

In our opinion, the mind & body are connected in such a way that they don’t go separately. We believe that reaching your health goals all starts with your WHY, and developing the right mindset.

Unfortunately, many followers of the low-carb lifestyle, only focus on weight loss and counting their macros. By doing so, there’s a high chance of not getting enough nutrients, and getting obsessed with just numbers, instead of focusing on how a keto Lifestyle makes you FEEL. Keto is a lifestyle, and not a fad diet, and it is time to give it the spotlight it deserves.

what about lots of keto?

Maybe you know Lotte from Lots of Keto, and you might wonder if this business stil exists. After traveling for 1.5 month, and doing a Vipassana retreat, she realized this image just didn’t resonate anymore with the message she wanted to carry out.


You can find our current services here! But keep an eye on us, because we have so many more exciting things coming up.


Can I get an insurance reimbursement for the nutrition counseling services?

In The Netherlands, basic insurance covers three hours of dietary consultation. Lotte Damen is registered with the ‘Quality Register for Paramedics’ (Kwaliteitsregister voor Paramedici) with KP-number 19104088389, and therefore a consultation with her will mostly (partly) be reimbursed.

Lotte doesn’t have contracts with health insurances, since it doesn’t allow her enough freedom to design a nutrition plan on her own terms and prices. Therefore, you should check with your health insurance company and their policy how much reimbursement you will receive. This amount depends on your ‘personal risk’, and whether you have an additional healthcare insurance.

If you are located somewhere else around the world, it is your own responsibility to check whether you can get a reimbursement.

I have another question!

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