From a Trial of The Keto Lifestyle for Muscle Growth to The Start of KetoFit!

Last December I met Antonie Bartels, founder of thé Dutch keto platform and a passionate advocate of the ketogenic diet. For over a year, he has used a keto approach to build muscles and during the Summer of 2018 he decided to share his passion with others. On KetoFit you can find information about the keto lifestyle and recipes. Time to get to know Antonie a bit better and hear about the exciting things he has planned for KetoFit!

Hey Antonie, thanks for sharing your story with us! Could you tell us a bit more about yourself and what you exactly do?

My name is Antonie Bartels, I am the founder of and a true believer of the ketogenic diet. I’ve always loved experimenting to optimize my health and performances and therefore I was always looking to incorporate new approaches into my lifestyle. In the beginning of 2018 I got to know about the ketogenic diet thanks to Dr. Ryan Lowery and Jacob Wilson who I started to follow on Instagram. As I started reading more about this lifestyle, I was quite convinced that this could work for me, so I started. And it did work, way better than I had expected! I lost the fat I was hoping for, yet at the same time I could build muscle as well! I was hooked immediately.

Building muscles on keto

Building muscles on keto

We can totally imagine you got hooked immediately after seeing great results! So, what is currently the main reason you follow a keto approach and how do you monitor your diet?

It all started out as a trial and experiment to find out whether I could shred some fat before the summer, but eventually I continued following it because it made me feel great. Keto makes me feel energized, I experience no hunger, and it is very easy to stay lean. An important reason for me is that it also allows me to build muscle. Before I started, I was quite sceptical about this, but my DEXA-scan showed me interesting evidence! Every 6 months I repeat this DEXA-scan to monitor my fat percentage, lean mass, bone density and possible muscle imbalances. I like to keep track of things. Therefore I often track my calories and macronutrients in MyFitnessPal and check my blood ketones every now and then.

Sounds like you experience way more benefits than you were actually aiming for! How motivating is that. After seeing some great results, you decided to share your knowledge and experience with others through Can you share your KetoFit journey from the moment you got the awesome idea of starting a website up till your goals for the upcoming years?

As you notice, the ketogenic diet has brought me a lot. Therefore, it is my mission to help other people experience these benefits as well. Whether it’s for losing fat, feeling better overall or any other benefit: I want to be there to help you with your ketogenic diet. I focus especially on The Netherlands because keto is still quite unknown here and I can offer so many things to a lot of people. That is the reason why I started KetoFit in July 2018. KetoFit is THE Dutch platform where you can find all your information on the ketogenic diet. Whether you just start or want to learn more, I want to be there for you with the right information and all the things you need. At this moment you mostly find the basic information and the recipes you need to get started. In the future I want this to be the platform where you’ll literally find everything you need. From electrolytes to alternative keto options and from meal plans to complete coaching by a Registered Dietitian.

Wow, ambitious goals, we love it! Especially the fact you are planning to work with Dietitians ;) You mention ‘feeling better overall’ as a keto benefit. Now we are curious. Has following a keto lifestyle changed your (health) behaviour and you as a person, and how?

It certainly did. I already was experimenting with a lot of things, but I noticed that once I started keto, this may have been quadrupled haha. I for example started using blue light blocking glasses at night to optimize sleep and started to experiment with meditation. Overall, I think keto makes you more aware of your well-being.

We totally agree! It has really helped us as well to start working on mindset-related techniques. Always nice to know: what are your all-time favourite keto foods and recipes?

I do really love eggs. They go with anything and are very nutritious. I eat at least 3 of them every day. I also love to make healthy dishes, but every now and then I love to bake a nice keto cheesecake or fat head pizza. This helps me to stay sane. Recently, I created a new lasagne recipe made of pumpkin and this is probably going to be one of my new favourite dishes.

Sounds delicious! When we talk about starting, what would you like to tell people who are interested in starting a keto diet but don’t know how to do it?

Don’t hesitate to start, just do it! For me it worked to track calories to see what kind of products are high in carbs and which ones are not. Try to get as many healthy foods in and stay away from highly processed foods. For me it helped to supplement with some electrolytes to prevent the keto-flu. Oh and I also got rid of all the crappy foods at home and used meal prepping to always have something with me to eat! Just start, and see how it goes. It’s your own personal journey and along the way you’ll find what works best for you. No need to procrastinate it another Monday!

Lastly: if you have to describe KetoFit in 3 words, what would they be and why these words?

It will probably be Dutch, but in English: Your Keto Resource!

Thanks for sharing your story with us and our readers Antonie! It was really nice to hear more about you and KetoFit and the exciting things that are coming.

Interested in learning more about Antonie and KetoFit?

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