Our services

Our formula: simple, fun, and mindful

We truly believe that a mindful low-carb living can easily be implemented, as long as you put your mind to it

  • We make a mindful low-carb living fun, practical, and easy to apply in our sometimes complex lives.

  • It is our strength to combine practical tools on how to eat low-carb, with techniques to develop the right positive mindset to achieve your health goals.

  • Some of the techniques we use:

    • Meditation

    • Journaling

    • Visualization

    • Affirmations

based on our formula, we currently provide the following personalised services:


1-on-1 online nutrition coaching

Your investment? Starting from €79,- per week (including taxes)


  • In Dutch or English

  • 1-on-1 online nutrition coaching, provided by Registered Dietitian Lotte Damen. Based on your situation, personal preferences, needs, and goals, we design a 1-on-1 personalised nutrition coaching program. This can include supplementation advice, a personalised nutrition plan, how to manage stress, working on your limiting beliefs, and confidence. We always make sure we’ll provide a program that suits you perfectly.

    • Your investment: starting from €79,- per week (including taxes) with a discount of 10% on every extra week you work with us, but it really depends on your personal situation. Every person is different, and therefore every plan is authentic too.

      Your investment always includes:

      • A 60-minute introduction videocall during which we analyse your question, situation, and (health) goals. After this introduction call, and filling out an application form, we design a plan of approach which you can agree on or not. Are you not convinced yet? We discuss how we can adjust the program plan to your suggestions.

      • A tailor-made personalised nutrition plan including variations and a step-by-step lifestyle program, with support from Lotte throughout the timeframe of journey. Together with this program, you receive worksheets on how to implement different techniques on mindset development and mindfulness. Prior to designing the program, we discuss which techniques would work best in your specific situation.

      • A weekly 30-minute follow-up / evaluation videocall.

      • Daily support where needed

      Additional materials / services you can book:

      • Separate coaching Videocalls. Per 15 minutes: €10,-

      • Supplementation advice. €19,99.

      Feel free to decide on the length of the program, although we always recommend to follow a program of at least 4 weeks (28 days). As research shows, it takes time to form new habits. On average, it even takes more than 2 months before a new behaviour becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. You can always decide to book and pay your coaching sessions on a weekly basis.


60-minute online (nutrition) coaching

Your investment? €65,- (including taxes)

60-minute coaching Videocall with dietitian Lotte Damen

During which you can ask all your questions related to a keto or low-carb lifestyle or related to applying strategies to accelerate your personal growth.

  • In Dutch or English

    • Your investment: €65,- (including taxes)

Your investment always includes:

  • An application form that you fill out before our call, so I can already prepare, and can spend the full hour on answering your questions.

  • A summary of our call which you receive within 1 workday. In this document, you can add comments if something is not clear. At all times! Even if it’s a year after our call.


speaking at your event!

Your investment? By mutual agreement.

Speaking at your event!

We love sharing our story and inspiring a larger audience to benefit from a low-carb mindful living!

  • Therefore, we speak at different events such as business events to make your employees a little happier. We always bring some of our delicious low-carb recipes with us of course.

    • Your investment: ay, hard to tell! Please send an email to lotte@myndfuel.net with the details of your event, and what you have in mind. We are sure we can design an interactive, interesting program for you for a mindful price ;)


inspired by our delicious keto & low-carb creations?

We also love to share our food, so that other people can enjoy our low-carb & keto dishes as much as we do ourselves ;)

The combination of Saahils cooking skills (master chef in the making) and Lottes extensive nutrition knowledge, always results in the most nutrient-dense flavoured dishes that will definitely bring you joy.

Cooking workshops, meal sharing, products… in what way we are going to share our passion for keto food is not yet known. But be ready for something amazing in 2019!

Cooking classes

low-carb & keto foods in amsterdam

Your investment? We will let you know once we launch our product / service!


Do you believe we can help you with other things?

Or is your mission comparable to ours, and are you interested in collaborations?

We are always open to new things! Let us know what you have in mind, and we will let you know whether we see a possibility to work together.