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Ket cacao chocolate bars

We love this Keto brand from Amsterdam! It’s the only Dutch Keto-friendly chocolate bar with extra healthy fats from MCTs and up to 75% cacao. 

The KC bars are naturally sweetened with Erythritol, and therefore don’t raise insulin or blood sugar levels. In other words: treating yourself without affecting your healthy Keto Lifestyle!

Available flavours: Dark, Hazelnut, and Coconut.

Our favourite? Dark to use in our baking recipes, and hazelnut to eat as a snack. Yum yum.


Ships worldwide.

MCT oil

MCT oil is our favourite fat when it comes to making our perfect keto coffee! We always use the one from Lus Health Ingredients. High-quality MCT is converted directly into energy, and is therefore perfect to provide you with quick energy for mental clarity & focus.

Your brains are especially happy with this source of fuel, so add that tablespoon of MCT oil to your coffee when having an important day ahead!

Is it your first time using MCT oil? It can take time for your body to get used to it, so be aware of the possible laxative effects and start with 1 teaspoon.


Ships worldwide.

Keto proof beverages

One of our favourite keto brands is definitely KetoFarms, based in Venice California. These guys (Ban & Brendon) are doing an amazing job, and provide keto proof beverages such as coffee, matcha, and snacks.

With their clean products and their amazing branding, they make keto simple, convenient, and delicious.

This, so you can look and feel your best on a ketogenic lifestyle. With the help of their products, you feel energized throughout the entire day!

Also make sure to follow them on Instagram :)


Only ships to The Netherlands.

sports electrolytes fix

Watch your electrolytes! Sodium, potassium, and magnesium are extremely important to replenish on a Ketogenic lifestyle.

Your body is likely to change the way it handles your electrolytes and water levels. Therefore, you can experience unbalanced salt levels. This has to do with weight loss, dehydration, and working out.

Lotte is a big fan of this fluid sports electrolytes fix, and used it during her marathon. You can easily add it to your water bottle and it contains all three electrolytes in the right ratios.