Myndfuel’s Keto Kickstart

sign ups are open, Starts September 9th!

In our latest blog post we announced the launch of our 4-week keto kickstart program! We are sure this inspired you to make minor changes in your current lifestyle. Here you find more detailed information about this brand new program, specifically outlining what each program includes.

Are you ready to experience the following keto benefits as reported by our previous participants?

  • Weight- and fat loss

  • Improved mental clarity

  • Less hunger and sugar cravings

  • Energy for days!

  • Improved endurance performances

The first 5 participants receive a 10% early bird discount!



Unlimited spots!

4-week non-customizable meal plan with 30 recipes


  • Kickoff webinar

  • Myndfuel information & evaluation booklet 

  • Food shopping list

  • 4-week online learning module with videos

  • Weekly grocery list

  • Cheatsheet for surviving social events on keto

  • Curated weekly newsletters on healthy and mindful living


level up

Maximum 10 spots!

Fully customizable 4-week meal planner with 50 recipes


  • All the Starter program features

  • Macro calculator 

  • 2 x 30 minutes personal consultation 

  • Membership area




Maximum 3 spots!

Personal Goal-based 4-week meal plan with 70 recipes


  • All the Starter & Level up program features

  • 1-1 Personal discovery & goal setting call 

  • Supplementation check

  • Extra 60-minute consultation call

  • Specific evaluation sheet

More details about these awesome features

  • The Keto Starter and Level up meal plan consist of a well-balanced mix of vegetarian, pescetarian and non-vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes! If you have any allergies or intolerances, please reach out to us and we’ll tell you about the possibilities.

  • Kickoff webinar: A 30-minute introduction webinar explaining the outline of the program

  • Online learning module: you get access to an online learning module with content for 5 weeks. This module includes informative videos, your booklets and access to your meal plans and booking your consultations. Week 0 will be your preparation week to make your start even easier. After that, the informative program starts including your

  • Myndfuel information & evaluation booklet: A booklet covering the basic information you’ll need to get into and thrive on a keto lifestyle. This booklet also includes how to set your goals and evaluate them.

  • Curated Weekly Newsletters: Myndfuel will fuel you with the most recent, scientific and relevant information to help you succeed on your keto journey

  • Macro calculator: A step by step method to calculate your personal caloric needs

  • 1-on-1 personal discovery call: A consultation with Lotte to understand your specific needs and craft a personal 4-week keto approach

  • Personal Goal-based 4-week meal plan: a personalized meal plan based on your 1-on-1 personal discovery call

  • Optional additional features: supplement box, 1-on-1 consultations

Ready to sign up?

Not sure which program is right for you?

Not sure whether you could benefit most from the Keto starter, Level up or Accelerate program? No worries! Schedule a free call with Lotte and find out which program will give you the most results on your keto health journey!