Why Endurance Athlete Rebeka Started with Keto and How She Noticed Immediate Results

My name is Rebeka Rizmanová and I am a Slovakian endurance athlete. I consider myself as being a multisport athlete because I do triathlons (swim, bike, run), ski-mountaineering, trail running and climbing in my free time. My profession as a physiotherapist goes along with my active lifestyle and helps me to maintain a healthy fit physique. I compete at a national level in triathlons and running races where I already achieved some first-place podiums. My dreams are to accomplish a full ironman triathlon and inspire others to keep on moving.

First of all, the reason why am I writing this article about a keto lifestyle starts with the fact that I have never been a person controlling my food intake. I never bothered to look after my calories nor quality of food. I am an endurance athlete who can eat nearly anything, anytime and still does not gain any weight. I have always been thinking that fuelling my body with whatever and whenever it asks for it, was the best way how to feed myself and does not affect my performance in a negative way. I know that many people think the same way and that is why I want to share my story why I even considered experiencing with keto and what my experiences have been.

Only recently, I have realized that I do not train according to any type of training plan but only to my feelings, which directly correlate with my food intake. Energy swings together with mood swings were part of my life and I did not make a big deal out of it, till now! I wanted to feel more stable with my performance and stop my constant urge to eat the whole day. My cravings for food were sometimes so intense that believe it or not, I started to carry lunch boxes full of food with me everywhere I went, just in case I would get hungry again. I was fed up with the constant supply and thinking about food all the time. In addition to that, blaming my hormones on my mood swings was not always accepted as an excuse.

Lotte introduced me to this keto lifestyle including intermittent fasting and after her passionate talk about it, I decided to give this a try. I firstly started to increase my dinner- breakfast time period because I kept being skeptical about cutting off my favourite carby food. I have seen immediate results after a week or so when eating for 9 hours a day and fasting for 15. My energy levels were steadier. I could train for 3 hours on moderate intensity without even thinking about food. All of this above, I boosted my experiment with including more fat in my diet so my body has the fuel which is burning most of the time. I was amazed by the amount of energy storage I had, decreased amount of hunger throughout the day and steadier mood. I felt like I had a second battery in my body for a day. I started to enjoy my longer workouts lasting for more than 5 hours without “hitting the wall” as an athlete would say. I competed three times at running race in  fasted states and all of them I won!

The thought that my body can become an even more efficient fat burning machine when eating low carb food makes me excited to start my first keto meal plan with Myndfuel. I hope you also change the way of thinking about food diets and consider trying this amazing life path to become a healthier, happier and better you. I am going to share my keto journey and experiences in more detail through videos on Myndfuels Instagram account as well as through writing blog articles to keep you guys motivated on doing so.

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