The Start of Something New: Myndfuel! Low-Carb the Mindful Way

Sometimes you just know it is time to start something new!

Welcome to Myndfuel: an unique combination of mindful eating & using fat for optimal fuel.

You may know me from Lots of Keto, an online service that I founded in October 2018, providing 1-on-1 online nutrition advice on a Keto lifestyle. I started this business, after completing my internship at The Noakes Foundation and my professional training in Ketogenic Nutrition & Treatment. As you can see, this website is still online but in a different way. I now provide 4-week Keto Kickstart programs starting each month.

I started Lots of Keto with the aim to help people reach their keto-related health goals in a practical way. Therefore, my main focus was on creating meal plans, recipes, and practical blog articles on HOW to implement a keto lifestyle. Along this business journey, I came to the realization that a keto lifestyle is more than just the HOW. It all starts with your WHY and WHAT. From the launch of my website until now, I’ve acknowledged the fact that many people consider a keto lifestyle as a diet, and not as a lifestyle. They are fixed on hitting their macros and reaching their weight loss numbers instead of choosing for quality food products and focusing on long-term health improvements that a keto lifestyle has to offer.

I had the feeling that with Lots of Keto, I kind of supported this idea, since keto was all in the name. As a Registered Dietitian, it is my mission to inspire people to become their happiest & healthiest version and not to become obsessed over food and nutrition. Especially since keto gave me the mental clarity and focus that I needed to start practicing mindset development techniques such as gratitude journaling, practicing positive affirmations, and using visualization.

I tried to find a way to change my approach and my messaging strategy. After staring at my laptop and website for hours, I just couldn’t resonate with both anymore. I still believed in a low-carb / keto approach, but there had to be another way to share the amazing benefits of this lifestyle …

Therefore, I decided to take a break to go on a 1.5 month trip through Southeast Asia. During this trip, I came across meditation. To be more exact, I completed a 10-day Vipassana course in a Dhamma center in Thailand. This meant: 10 days in noble silence, meditating for almost 10 hours a day. I learned how to observe my physical sensations in a non-judgemental way. By doing so, I also practiced to observe sensations such as hunger and satiety. I found this so interesting, that I started to read more about mindful eating and signed up for an online course on Mindful Eating for health professionals, starting in July.

Now, together with an awesome team, I am on a mission to help you enjoy a mindful low-carb lifestyle to the fullest. This, to make sure you grow into the most successful person you aspire and deserve to be.

Are you ready to be the absolute best version of yourself and achieve your (health) goals and dreams?

Hop on our mindful low-carb train! Are you interested in how we could support your low-carb journey? Read more about our approach and about our services.