LUS Brings Sustainable Vegan Ingredients for The Best Keto Products

Some time ago, Rene van Hoorn from LUS Health Ingredients sent Lotte a message on LinkedIn to connect. He is the founder of LUS Health Ingredients, started his business a few months ago. His company was brought to life with the goal to serve customers (manufacturers) with high quality vegan ingredients to create the best possible keto-friendly, sustainable and vegan products such as palm free MCT oil. At the moment, we are trying out one of the MCT oils made of their ingredient!

Soon we have some exciting news to share about a collaboration, so we thought it would be a great idea to firstly introduce Rene and his company!

Hi Rene! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I have always been fascinated with the impact of food on our health. When I was 16 I felt ill and cured that (with some help) using the right types of food. That was an important trigger for me and I therefore decided to dedicate my life to understanding the human body, how food impacts our health and how I can inspire others to live more healthy. To bring this purpose to live I have always worked in this area mostly focusing on business to business health ingredients. Early 2019 I founded LUS Health Ingredients, build upon my values and my purpose. With LUS we bring vegan ingredients to the health food market and especially palmfree MCT oils have shown to be a great success.


We love the sustainable approach to keto. How and when did you come into contact with a low-carb / keto diet? Why did you decide to try this approach?

The first time I heard about keto was 6 years ago, in The United States. I wasn’t a believer straight away. Eating more fats to lose body fat? No way! No more fries? When I founded LUS health ingredients I decided that whatever my company will do or sell, the people working there, and myself specifically, need to understand our customers. For me this means: experience it myself!

My goal now is to lose more visceral fat (fat around your organs(. I know it is there and I started at a 26% fat percentage. Now I am already below 24% total. I don’t know exactly how much of that is visceral but I want to believe it is all just that! Another important health benefits I experience is feeling mentally sharper.

Talking about goals. What are your goals and plans for LUS Health Ingredients for the upcoming years?

I want to grow the company to a medium size scale aimed, reaching as many people as we can. To inspire them AND the people within the companies to live healthier lives. Both other vegan and keto ingredients will be launched. Some of these launches, I imagine, will be with partners with whom we co-develop products that take away a bit of the “burden” of making healthy food choices. In other words, the difficulty of making the right choices when on the road / making it easier to adhere to the diet. Products like Fat Bars for example!

In 5 years from now?  I’d like LUS Health Ingredients to be among the top 3 biggest vegan & keto health ingredients companies in Europe.

Ambitious plans, we love it! What products do you currently sell and what makes them unique compared to other products in the market?

We sell both ingredients & private label products. They are vegan. They are allergen free. They have been selected because they are aligned with our mindset of making better choices for human health & our planet.

Think of vegan versions of omega 3 fatty acids, normally only found in fish. Or what about astaxanthin, a great antioxidant that gives salmon the pink colour and has shown enormous promises for improving human health.

One of the current highlights are our MCT oils. Only palm free, of course, this fits with us as a company. We have several versions which also include a pure caprylic acid (C8). Next to our ingredients we develop new concept products, like vegan cod liver oil, ketosene, flavoured MCT oils for in coffee or as salad dressing. Also we are doing more research about MCT powder, Emulsions and Vegan D3. For Vegan D3 we believe we can do better than extracting from sheep’s wool as is currently done.

Super interesting product ideas. What are your all-time favourite keto foods and recipes?

I am relatively new to it. But I really love to combine a few favorites, which them become finger food. Salmon (with olive oil), Avocado (mash) with sesame oil & seeds, poached egg with pepper, salt and basil from my garden for example.

Since you have also been through the same situation, what would you like to tell people who are interested in starting a keto diet but don't know how to start? 

I would tell them to contact someone who has been on this lifestyle for a while, or even better ask a certified professional like Lotte from Myndfuel. This will make things easier AND will let them learn from mistakes that others have already made.

Exactly! Last question: if you would describe LUS Health Ingredients in 3 words, what would they be?

Health - Planet - Creativity!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Rene! We can’t wait to share our amazing collaboration with all our followers :)

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