KetoFarms Makes Keto Easy with Clean Foods for Healthy Living!

Recently we discovered this very cool brand called KetoFarms from the United States on Instagram. After following Ben and Brandon for a while and seeing appealing pictures and clean ingredient lists from their products, we decided to drop them a message. We asked them if they would be interested in telling us a bit more about their products and they did! We are expecting to receive a package from them soon to try out their products and we am more than curious. They sell clean keto coffee, keto matcha and different keto snack mixes!

Until being able to share our thoughts on their products, we thought it would be cool to firstly share their story with you. Since their mission is in line with ours (to make a clean keto lifestyle simple for everyone), we were excited to learn more.

Hi Ben and Brandon! We are super excited to share your story. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you guys do?

We are Ben & Brandon from KetoFarms, a brand we started to help busy people living the keto lifestyle do so, while still following principles of clean, unprocessed eating. 

Making keto easy and promoting an unprocessed lifestyle sounds awesome! How and when did you come into contact with a low-carb / keto diet and why did you decide to try this approach?

Through our 20s, we gradually started eating less and less carbs, or slower burning carbs like sweet potatoes more than others. Then in late 2016, Ben heard Dr. Dom D'Agostino being interviewed on the Tim Ferriss show and started the keto diet the next day. 

We follow a keto approach mostly for the energy, mental and cognitive benefits as well as the ability to go longer without eating and not get "hangry" like we would get often in the past if we didn't eat regularly through the day. As for monitoring our diet, we stick to sound general macro principles and ingredient principles, but we don't carb count. We listen to how we feel day to day and meal to meal, and that works really well for us. 

The #1 health benefit we experience is better energy throughout the day and a drastic reduction of brain fog. 

Definitely can relate to that! Can you share the journey of KetoFarms from the moment you got the awesome idea of starting up till your goals for the upcoming years?

We were working late one night at our prior company, and decided to start working on a new product for keto. We vowed to meet that weekend to start brainstorming, and quickly got very excited and to an extent, obsessed, with our now mission to bring clean, unprocessed foods to people following this great keto lifestyle.

A clean lifestyle for the win! So what are your all-time favourite unprocessed keto foods and recipes?

Favorite copycat food - keto pizza! We have an amazing keto breakfast pizza recipe on our website.
Favorite brain food - sardine salad. Favorite every day staple - soft scrambled eggs and veggies. We start every day with one of our Keto Coffees or Keto Matchas and when we're on the go, our Keto Snack Mix is hands down our favorite snack in the world, keto or not!

Waah we love keto pizza ourselves, definitely gonna try out your recipe. And as cheese lovers from The Netherlands, we are very looking forward to trying out your strawberry gouda snack mix! It’s great to always have something with you to snack on. Hey, so what would you like to tell people who are interested in starting a keto diet but feel overwhelmed? 

Don't be! There's so much support out there online and in the keto community. Find blogs, instagram accounts, and friends that will help your journey. In the end, if you do the right things, you will start feeling so much better and seeing results it gets really easy to follow, as it's self-reinforcing. 

Yes, absolutely! Once experiencing the benefits, you don’t want to try anything different :) Last question for Today: if you would describe Keto Farms in 3 words, what would they be and why these words?

Nutritious. Everything we make uses only the highest quality ingredients with the best nutrition available by nature.

Transparent. We're always 100% clear with our customers about our products, quality and practices.

Delicious. We have a mission to make healthy food delicious and craveable but without any added sugars or sweeteners.

Seeing the ingredient lists of your products makes us really happy and we cannot wait to try them out!

Are you interested in learning more about KetoFarms and their products?

Click on the logo below to visit their website! Also keep an eye on our Instagram, since we will share our thoughts on their products soon.


How has keto changed your life for the better?

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