Keto Kickstart Program Success Story: Meet Andrie!


Hi, I am Andrie! I am a mother of toddler twins; besides that, I am a management consultant who has a pretty tight work schedule! Due to the nature of my work I would often have to eat out or grab a coffee with clients.  I do have to admit, I love a good cup of coffee and I am a total foodie, enjoying wine and cooking!

For a few years now, I have been following a low carb lifestyle to reach some health goals and did see some good results. But, I was now ready to try something different to take my health journey even further and lose a few stubborn kilos. So in my research on how to do this, I stumbled upon keto and its various health benefits! Given that I really wanted to give keto a go, but also keeping my busy lifestyle in mind, I was really looking for an easy, practical yet yummy type of program to follow. This, to experience the benefits of keto for the first time, like losing weight and increasing energy levels! I wanted a program or someone to hold me accountable to my goals.

After looking around a bit, and so I have to say there is so much information out there on keto, it can be really overwhelming. I found the Myndfuel Keto Kickstart Program designed by Lotte. What I loved about this program was that it was laid out in a simple way, with tons of easy to make and delicious recipes to try, along with the weekly grocery list made my life and my journey into keto so much easier and hassle-free! The ingredients were easy to find and the recipes were also super family proof, so I didn’t have to cook separate dishes at home. And the mac & cheese and curry recipes are to die for, I am salivating just talking about it! Anyway, the weekly calls and the Facebook group inspired me and also kept me accountable.

The Myndfuel Keto Kickstart Program is uncomplicated. The easy to make recipes, grocery list and Lotte’s support meant that I could easily hit my goal of losing weight and surprisingly I also did notice that I felt a lot more energetic. Doing keto was a lot easier than I thought it would be! The best thing is, now that I understand how to eat keto, I can change my own recipes to fit the keto lifestyle.


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