5 Steps to Transition into a Keto Lifestyle with Ease!

You may have heard about all the possible keto health benefits by now, and you may be interested in giving this lifestyle a try. However, most of us also know from experience that making actual lifestyle changes can be quite challenging. Especially when you are completely new to this way of eating and maybe feel overwhelmed by all the information out there. No worries! With these 5 simple steps you transition into a keto lifestyle with ease :)

1: Get to know your keto friends!

It is important to get used to your new lifestyle, and get familiar with the products that fit into this. Therefore, take some time to go on several supermarket adventures. Visit different sections and check labels, labels and more labels. Read here everything about which products to include in your new diet.

Not to forget, remove distractions from your home so you won’t get tempted to eat unhealthy products!

2: Don’t fear the fats

It can seem pretty daunting to suddenly completely change your macronutrients and consume 75-80% of your calories from fat. Especially when you are used to a low-fat approach. If you feel this resistance, allow yourself and your body time to adapt to this groundbreaking way of eating. How? Start replacing rice with cauliflower rice, eat an avocado extra, and add more coconut oil, butter and olive oil to your meals. This makes it way easier to ultimately eat such a high amount of healthy fats. Make sure to not eat too many calories, since it can result into gaining weight.

3: Stay active

When you exercise, you deplete your body of its stored glucose (also known as glycogen). This can help you to get into ketosis quicker. In addition, working out helps clearing your mind and producing feel-good hormones.

4: Find someone who supports you

Of course, you don’t have to tell everyone you are starting a keto approach (you can though!), but it can be very motivating to have a close person around you who inspires and supports you. When you experience difficulties or lack of motivation, this person can keep you accountable and remind you of your why!

Can you not think of someone in your circle? You can always count on Lotte as being your support.

5: Try to reduce and relieve stress

It is no surprise that making a switch to a new lifestyle takes time and costs energy. Is something stressing you out at the moment? Try to acknowledge this stress trigger, so you can start your new lifestyle with a calm and relaxed mind! After all, having the right positive mindset is the key factor to your success.

In what keto phase are you at the moment?